Places with beautiful interiors are appealing to one’s senses, but places with stunning interiors and great utility just makes everything so much better and allows you to enjoy and appreciate absolute benefits. The spaces we reside in have evolved drastically and Glizzer Hardware has always been the companion of your changing needs in these years of transition and continues to be so.

Glizzer Hardware has been responsible for crafting beautiful spaces with innovative architectural hardware and kitchen access solutions for more than 13 years. The company firmly believes that today’s modern homes and offices should be a mix of quality, functionality, durability and design. With this approach, the company has enormously invested in sophisticated manufacturing processes to maintain the highest level of precision and excellence.

Glizzer has its wide variety of pioneering hardware offerings for every market segment- ranging from competitively priced to medium-high end and premium. At present, company’s product range spans Hydraulic Bed Fitting (Bed Frames, Bed Pumps), Aero Lift (Cabinet Pump, Soft Close Pump, Lid Stay), Auto Hinges (Clip-on Hydraulic Hinges, Slip-On Hinges, 3d Hinges, Clip-on SS Hinges), Sliding Rollers, Sliding Track, Aluminium Profile, Profile Connector, Glass Fitting-(Glass Rollers, Glass Tracks, Sliding Handle, Weather Strip, Locking Series) and Display System (Display Channel, Display Bracket).

Glizzer Hardware was started by two young enthusiastic entrepreneurs Mr. Saurin Shah and Mr. Alok Shah. The duo started the enterprise in 2006 at Ahmedabad, Gujarat and from there the company has been consistently enhancing its presence across the globe. Currently, the company has its market base in the states of Gujrat, Rajasthan, Punjab, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh and Chhattisgarh.


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